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Well One Therapies

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Providing best practice psychological approaches to energise and empower clients toward improved wellbeing.

It can be daunting taking those first steps toward change and we thank you for considering us. Here at Well One Therapies we strive for a vibrant you. Our resident psychologist is here to support, listen, and guide you through your mental health concerns. This occurs in a non-judgmental and empathetic environment aimed at fostering growth and achievement in you.

We provide Medicare rebates to ensure your mental health is affordable and attainable. In fact, your first session is 100% bulk billed if you have a referral from your GP and bring this along on the day.

Please visit wellonetherapies.com.au to find out more information or call Brooke on 0420 773237. You can also book online at any time.

Well One Therapies would be honoured to accompany you on this journey.

Bayswater Psychology - Our Team